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            Exegesis International is the result of the vision of Douglas Petrovich, the academic dean at Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary in the city of Akademgorodok (Siberia), Russia. His intent with the Exegesis International website is to make available as many resources as possible for students of the Bible, including laymen and clergy alike. He participated in the founding of NBTS, where he has worked since 2000.

            Petrovich has taught at least part of 25 different seminary courses to date, and he surprisingly enjoys being a “generalist” (a teacher of virtually every subject in Biblical studies), a quality he admired in one of his own professors, but never envisioned as being true of himself some day. His formal training consists of a BA in Evangelism at Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, Illinois), and both a MDiv and a ThM from The Masters Seminary (Sun Valley, California).

            As a result of teaching OT History at NBTS, Petrovich developed a great love not only for the people, land, and history of Israel (past and present), but also a great love for the ANE world of which Israel was/is a part. Thus far, he has published two journal articles in the sub-discipline of ANE studies: 1. “Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh,” The Master’s Seminary Journal (Spr 2006); 2. “The Dating of Hazor’s Destruction in Joshua 11 via Biblical, Archaeological, & Epigraphical Evidence,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Sept 2008).

            In light of this interest in ANE studies, Petrovich has enrolled at The University of Toronto’s MA program in ANE History and Archaeology, under Dr. Timothy Harrison, a graduate of the University of Chicago (widely considered as having the world’s most elite program in ANE studies). Petrovich hopes to enter U of T’s PhD program after completing the MA, where his language study alone includes Middle Egyptian (hieroglyphics), Akkadian (the lingua franca of the ancient world before Aramaic supplanted it), and two modern scholarly languages.

            In order to expand the potential impact of Exegesis International upon the online world, Petrovich has sought—and continues to seek—the contributions of Christian and ANE scholars, authors, and teachers. He is greatly indebted to all of the current and future contributors, since they have offered public access to their articles, papers, class notes, and other materials. Special thanks go to Todd Bolen, whose contact information can be found by clicking the “Links” tab on the scroll-down menu on the homepage, for the use of some of the pictures from his Pictorial Library of Bible Lands CD-Rom set, which appear among the panoramic photos randomly displayed on the homepage.