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          1) ACTS 13:20


VARIANT: Texts disagree whether the placement of the phrase, “about 450 years,” which is found in the text of Paul’s exhortation in the synagogue at Pisidian Antioch, refers strictly to the overall period of the judges in Israel, or to the period of time between the Israelites’ move into Egypt during the lifetime of Jacob, and the time when the Israelites had distributed the land of Canaan among themselves during Joshua’s days.

TEXTUAL CRITIC: Douglas Petrovich




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         The textual variant in Acts 13:20 is a wonderful exploration into the realm of OT biblical history, as it intersects with NT textual criticism and cross-testamental studies. The disputed reading represents a variation of 68–84 years from the reading perceived to be inferior, as the textual critic attempts to define the events that are separated by a length approximately 450 years. At stake may be the length of the period of the judges, depending on the reading chosen as correct. Both external evidence and internal evidence play a major part in determining which variant is preferred as representing the correct reading of the original text.
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