Welcome to Exegesis International! This website is designed to provide valuable resources and materials related to the exegesis of the Bible, which is the world’s singularly true and revelatory written account of God to mankind. He did this for at least 3 reasons: 1) to teach mankind about Himself and all that He created; 2) to offer mankind the opportunity to enter into a right relationship with Him, which leads into eternity; and 3) to enable mankind to live successfully and wisely in this world, which exists under a curse because of the sin that man committed against God and against himself.


            The purpose of Exegesis International is to be a tool to bring greater clarity to the teachings and meaning of the Bible and the fields related to its study. Any proper understanding of the Bible is based on the application of sound hermeneutical principles, which are the rules for playing the game. If one plays a game by the rules, he plays the game fairly and has a chance to win; the same is true for interpreting the Bible correctly. The best hermeneutical approach to studying the Bible is the grammatical-historical method of interpretation. With this method, a detailed study of the grammatical, lexical, and syntactical elements of a given passage is made, in addition to a background study of the historical environment surrounding the passage and the entire book of which it is a part. What is included on the website?