Exegesis International’s primary goal is to make various resources available that will aid those desiring to study the Bible deeply and effectively. Such tools are offered in the Biblical Text section of the website, which includes translations of various books and texts of the Bible, definitions of Hebrew and Greek vocabulary words, and Exegetical Digests and Insights. Available in the Resources section are Papers and published Articles, plus Class Notes written by various teachers.


            Several disciplines related to the Biblical Text also have great value, complementing the study of the Bible itself. One such discipline is Textual Criticism, which seeks to establish the original readings on the autographs (inspired original writings of the biblical authors), since surviving Greek and Hebrew manuscripts occasionally disagree with each other in how the text is worded. A second discipline is Biblical History, which primarily focuses on the Ancient Near East (ANE) as the context of Israel’s plight in antiquity, and thus on Israel’s neighbors with whom they interacted, such as Egypt (making Egyptology useful to study). Included in this discipline, and also worthy of in-depth study, is Biblical geography and archaeology, whose focus is on the places where the events of the Bible transpired and the explanation of the significance of the remains that these ancient peoples left behind in those places.